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Ideas for happy souls

All ideas are not good, but experimenting with a lot of ideas is what has enabled us to deliver some of the most innovative solutions in the food industry. We make sure that our innovative team gets full control when it comes to helping us deliver ideal solutions for our clients. Our ~30+ years of experience has demonstrated that when we arrive at the most efficient solutions, business objectives are efficiently met along the way. The perfect blend of curiosity and practicality is what drives our ideation wing.

Product Development

For the love of food

Perhaps the biggest advantage of dealing with a chef-led company is that you get a team that gets the perfect environment to place quality food at the center of everything they do. We pride ourselves on using the best available resources, both human and logistical, to bring you the best products you can possibly get within the price. We have been able to grow in heaps and bounds solely on the basis of the wide range of products developed every year.

Food Retorting

As fresh as the farm

Ready-to-eat food packets are perhaps the most underrated gifts of modern technology. Perfect for students, tourists, and working professionals with hectic lifestyles, they are a godsend for those who need a proper, nutritious meal without the hassle.

Retort processing is a batch-wise or continuous process that provides in-container sterilisation for products with low acid levels in order to extend their shelf life. At Taste’L, we offer a wide range of options of food retorting with the smartest technology available to ensure consumer safety.

Food Pasteurization

What you can depend upon

Food pasteurization is the process of killing pathogenic microorganisms in certain foods and beverages by mildly heating them under 100°C, thereby extending their shelf life. While most people think of pasteurization as a process that only increases the shelf life, reports suggest that if done right, the method also increases the concentration of vitamins in the food and beverages. At Taste’L, we provide pasteurization services for all types of products.

Frozen Foods

Quick fixes for every mood

Over the years, the level of convenience expected by Indians when it comes to food has increased steadily. On the other hand, it is the complex preparation process that makes Indian snacks so special. Enter frozen food options by Taste’L: Our wide range of heat-to-eat options are a heaven-send for urban Indians who have a Desi palette. These options also increase the choices available to tourists and students, giving them the much-desired satisfaction when away from home. Just pop, heat, and eat!

Spice Blending

Tradition meets technology

For centuries, Indian spices have dominated global palettes, thereby opening up new avenues for Indians. Traditionally, Indian women blended spices at home for specific purposes, to prepare certain dishes that needed those specific spices to bring out the base flavour of the dishes at the forefront. We use the freshest spices blended under the strictest proportions to ensure quality and consistency in our spice blends.