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Driven by Innovation

From our drawing board to
your plate in a jiffy


Innovation backed by ideation is the core of our company


Backed by a team of experienced culinary experts, we are capable of bringing amazing results to any creation


Retort processing can be a batch or a continuous process that provides in-container sterilisation to low acid food products


Pasteurisation - a heat-treatment process that destroys pathogenic microorganisms in certain foods and beverages


At Taste’L, we have simplified the whole process of creating fried snacks by having a selection of them frozen. Just re-heat and you are good to go


Spice mixes are blended spices or herbs. We, at Taste’L bring you spice blends created using recipes handed down through generations to bring you the authentic taste of India

Each Creation

is a Masterpiece

Our prompt, organized processes ensure perfection in every bite. Our state-of-the-art, ultra-hygienic, advanced technology ensures you get only the best of what we create.

Our Brands

Quick and ready to make meal kits with a blend of spices that distinguish Asian cuisine from the rest.

A variety of mouth watering authentic Indian curries, delicious meal bases, combo meals and Indian flatbreads that will titillate your tastebuds.

A wide spectrum of oven-easy frozen Indian snacks and wraps which serve as perfect appetizers and evening snacks.

Premium masala blends and lip-smacking condiments are the chief products of the Rasm line of foodstuffs.


We are backed by internationally recognized systems of food quality

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